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Being in the BC Club has changed both sisters for the better and made them realize they had been given a new direction in life.  They discovered how to "pay it forward" by collecting and distributing Hug Blankets for breast cancer patients going through treatment. See easy instructions to make a Hug Blanket.  Contact Us if you would like to donate a Hug Blanket or fleece fabric.



Welcome to Our New Website

Christie and Carol are sisters who were both treated for breast cancer just a year apart. When someone has cancer the whole family, your friends, neighbors and your entire medical team also become a part of your journey. And this journey cannot be experienced alone... We're ALL in this together!


Our mission is to provide comfort and guidance to the men and women who are walking through breast cancer and those who are survivors.



Knowledge is Power

You will find information through personal experience at their Blog.  See  links to resources and books that might be helpful for patients and caregivers.


You will be bombarded with so much information that it will become overwhelming. Take control of your treatment by organizing your documents. Feel  empowered by having your vital information at your fingertips.  See Organize Your Cancer Treatment to download and copy free forms.

Sisters, Carol and Christie,
Breast Cancer Survivors
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