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If you would like to make A Hug Blanket for us to distribute to breast cancer patients just contact us.

If you belong to a group and want this to be your community project we would be thrilled with your donation! If you would like to nominate a cancer patient to receive a Hug Blanket please fill out this form

Hug Blankets


A friend showed me how to make a great gift idea in 2011. So, that Christmas I made these fleece shoulder wraps for the entire family.


My sister Carol had just been diagnosed with breast cancer and had a lumpectomy December 21st. It was time to start dressing her in pink!


One of the most cherished gifts I received was from that very same friend, Jody. The Hug Blanket  fit around my neck just where my hair use to be. But more importantly, it was like getting a warm hug whenever I needed it. 


We've designed an easy to make version for breast cancer patients. Requires no sewing and only takes 2 yards of fleece fabric.


Hug Blanket Instructions



 Survivor and Team Member, Kristin, gave away our first Hug Blanket over the weekend. In an email, Kristin said, "My friend’s mom was so pleased with her blanket – she said, “are there really people who care this much about strangers?”  I assured her that there were and that she would always have more support than she could ever realize." Kudos to Kristin for sharing.

                               ~ July 29, 2013

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