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I met Kellie while going through radiation treatment and added her name to our ribbon. One day I ordered a photo of the image and took it to her. She gave me a hug and said that I made her day! She was going to buy a frame on her way back to work and put it on her desk.

                                            ~ Christie


We're In This Together

So far we've collected over 80 names of those affected by breast cancer that we've either met or know through someone else.


Do you know someone who was just diagnosed or is going through treatment? Do you know a survivor? Have you lost a warrior to breast cancer?


If you would like to add his or her first name to our ribbon just fill out the Contact form .


We will update this ribbon each week, so check back and find the name you submitted. Each time we revise this ribbon the names will reorganize and change colors. We will also use different fonts.


Feel free to right click the image and download the ribbon for your personal use. Let us know how you use your ribbon so we can list suggestions for others.

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