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Sew Easy Hug Blanket

This method will make 2 Hug Blankets

You will need 2 yards of a printed fleece and 2 yards of a solid color fleece.


When you purchase fleece it is generally sold with the right sides or front of fabric shown on the outside. (If there are any words printed on the fleece you are able to read them).


Lay a piece of fleece out on a flat surface, folded in half the way it was sold on the bolt.


Trim off the printed edge of the fabric .

Square up the ends.


You will separate the fabric by cutting on the fold. Do this to both pieces of fabric.

Now match a print and solid piece. Lay one on a surface with the right side up facing you. Lay the second piece on top with the right side down. Both of the right sides are faced together. Make sure the cut folds of each are lined up as close as possible.


Now pin the folded edge together.

Beginning 5 inches from the end, sew a 5/8" seam, stopping 5" from the end.


Turn the fabric inside out. The seam will now be on the inside.

Lay folded on a large flat surface.


Cut a 5 inch square from the  2 un-sewn corners.


Cut 5 inch strips, about an inch apart, along the 2 narrow edges and the un-sewn long edge.


Tie each bottom and top strip into a knot until you work your way around the 3 sides.


Repeat with the remaining 2 pieces of fleece for the second Hug Blanket. Contact us if you'd like to donate. We will find someone in need.

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