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In our area (Akron, Ohio) I have shopped for fabric at JoAnn's Fabric, Hobby Lobby, and WalMart (only select stores).


I like to check JoAnn's Fabric sales and coupons from the Sunday paper, online or their fliers inside the store. It saves a lot of money when you can make this Cozy Comforter for 40% or 50% off!



Don't let the fabric intimidate you. Look for the section with the fluffy fleece fabric. While choosing the fabric, think of the hobbys and interests people might have. Do they like certain sports team? Have a pet? Enjoy flowers or golfing? Do they have a favorite color? Is this for a man or woman breast cancer patient?


Other types of fleece generally cost more.


Anti-pill fleece won't pill after many washings.

Licensed fleece contains prints of sport franchises, Disney or other brand name programs.

Shopping for Fabric

Eventually, something will jump out at you! You can pull the bolt of fabric from the display.

Look at the label on the end of the bolt. 

This is Blizzard Fleece, it's 100% polyester, and $10.99 per yard.

You will take the bolt of fabric to the cutting table. Tell the clerk you would like 2 yards of fabric. 


As it is unrolled, look at the surface and make sure there are no blemishes or smudges of dirt. The clerk will cut a different piece for you.


You may take your fabric to check out after the clerk cuts your piece of fabric.


If you'd like to make a Hug Blanket with contrasting sides, choose a coordinating solid. You will need 2 yards of that fabric also. The good part is you will now have enough fabric to make another identical Hug Blanket.

Contact Us if you would like to donate your Hug Blankets. We will find a person in need.

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